Dennis Brown - Believe In Yourself (VINYL)

Dennis Brown - Believe In Yourself (VINYL)

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Multicolour Flecked Pale Green Vinyl


First Release In 1999 By Don One Records

12 Beautiful Songs By Dennis Brown Of Which Most Was Recorded In The Late Nineteen Ninety On The Studio One Rhythm

All Of The Songs On The Single LP Are Produced By Don Moodie/Noel Alphanso/Dennis Brown/Bill Sample
There Are Only 120 Copies In Stock

Side A
1 Believe In Yourself
2 Pack Your Things
3 John Tom
4 A Bird In Hand
5 Nice Bad Minded Friend
6 ITS A Fact

Side B
1 A Winner Concrete Jungle
2 ILL Be On My Way
3 Be Mine
4 Glow
5 Smile
6 Right Time To Show You