Mexico Finca Lopez Portillo Organic | FILTER

Mexico Finca Lopez Portillo Organic | FILTER

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Tasting notes:

Apple Pie and Chocolate Ice Cream


Mexico, Chiapas


Fully washed, Organic


1730 metres above sea level


Caturra, Typica & Garnica



Pedro Perez Lopez


Having begun coffee farming simply as a source of income for his family, Pedro is a true visionary when it comes to Mexican specialty coffee. For many in Mexico, coffee is seen as nothing more than a commodity. Pedro, however, views his produce as a luxury good, similar to wine or tequila, focusing him to produce an excellent cup. Instead of producing a variety of crops, Pedro likes to focus his energy into producing the best coffee crop that he can. Pedro says that he enjoys the idea and reward of producing a luxury product, as well as the added benefit that it continues to keep the younger generation interested in farming.