Sítio Prata, Brazil | ESPRESSO

Sítio Prata, Brazil | ESPRESSO

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Tasting notes:

Yellow Plum & Caramel


South of Minas




1150 metres above sea level


Yellow Catuai


Marlene Magalhães Bachião



Marlene has been involved in coffee her whole life. Having first learned coffee processing from her father, Marlene today manages her farm in the Nova Resende City area, not far from where she learned the techniques that she still uses to this day. Having grown up on her father’s farm, Marlene, along with her 10 siblings, would assist with the harvest by helping hand pick the coffee cherry. Having spent so much time in the field, Marlene was able to learn about the production process, as well as the care needed to obtain excellent coffee. Today, along with her husband, Osvaldo Bachião, Marlene manages her farm, Sitio Prata, continuing in the world of coffee with great dedication. Many of Marlene’s siblings also do the same, each with their farm close by, just like the generations before them. The harvest at Sítio Prata is nowadays 100% mechanized. Luckily for Marlene's children, this means no handpicking during the harvest season!